Friday, February 4, 2011

Band Stand, Stephen's Green, Dublin

© Ann Brien

I have a wonderful childhood memory of my parents taking me into town one lovely summer evening. The highlight of our walkabout was Stephen's Green park where a brass band played loud uplifting tunes in the beautiful ornate band stand. I'd never heard anything like it, my first experience of live music! It was an evening of sensual pleasures, the sound of the music, the images of the setting sun and the people just strolling along. Fifty years on, it's one of my treasured memories. Taken May 2010.


  1. I just wondered Ann if you are the Ringsend Rose that the song is about. If not it should be.

  2. Would you believe Donald I've never heard the song but I did see a reference to it on a Ringsend discussion board. I must YouTube it then I'll tell you but thank you for that thought! Cheers, Ann