Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Life - Drishanemore, Skibbereen, West Cork

© Ann Brien

Hubby and I have watched these little guys grow since they were born just a few weeks ago.  They are now older and brave enough to move the small distance from their mother to begin their own grazing life.  I promise, these little beauties will never come next or near my dinner plate.  Taken March 2013.


  1. You have a great blog with a wonderful title.
    I love this.Quite amazing.You describe it well.
    Nice picture too.

    The tree,
    A life,
    Create a lot of smile.
    Provide shelter to us
    Without a sound.
    But,we are blind.

  2. Thank you Joann for your lovely comment, very much appreciated. I love when these wonderful opportunities to capture life at its most intimate moments present themselves, it's a lovely feeling. I very much like your little verse, it says so much, so true. Cheers, Ann

  3. Thank you so much Enigmatic Soul, I was so lucky to be present at the right time, these two little guys have grown so much and are still so beautiful. Cheers, Ann